Storms of Life

This past month, my husband and I were able to take our second vacation alone together since the kids were born, over 20 years ago. Although I love my boys with all my heart, it is necessary in a marriage to spend time with just each other.

We were able to take a few leisurely drives through the hills of Tennessee. The 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires were only two years ago. They stormed through that area with rage and devastated the land. As we drove though Cades Cove, areas near Clingman’s Dome, and many of the nearby areas, I couldn’t help but notices the trees and other plants around. Some trees and plants were dead while others were strong and healthy. The trees with deep strong roots came back, unhindered by all the shallow rooted and weak ones which had been around them before. Now they were able to flourish in the sunlight.

Some seeds require fire in order to germinate. These seeds had been freed from their shells and were also flourishing; filling in the underbrush so much that it was hard to tell a fire had gone through there.

This is a reflection of our lives. In life, storms will come. This is not a ‘if’ but a ‘when’. We ALL have troubles; we all have trials and hard times. Why do some people crumble while others grow stronger?

Simply put: their roots

Being deeply founded in truth, love, and an unyielding faith in our Creator gives us strength, hope, peace, and comfort; feeding our souls and keeping us alive in the fires and storms of life. When wounded to the ground, strong roots are essential to survive.

Growing roots in temporary things can make them shallow, weak, and may lead to rotting due to a lack of the proper nutrients. So when the storms do come, there can be no restoration and re-growth.

Where do your roots grow?

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  1. A truly nice website! And we really appreciate your acknowledging the Lord.
    You surely seem to have sewing skills. Will bring the seat to the Times.

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