Hand-Crafted Leather

hand crafted leather works

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hand crafted leather works

  • Hand crafted from commercial tanned deer hide and rabbit
  • Handmade deer antler buttons
  • Double sided with a pocket on both sides for wearing on left or right side
  • Comes with two different size straps, one for waist carry and one for back carry

$225.00 – in store

$50.00 – in store

Hand crafted from suede cow hide

Key Fob
  • 5/8″ wide strap
  • 9.5″ fully opened

$15.00 – in store

$10.00 – in store

  • Custom leather work available includes: wet-forming items for sheaths and holsters, belts, bracelets, clothing, chaps, jewelry, and more.
  • We can do leather repairs as well as regular sewing repairs.
  • Custom stamping and tooling is available.
  • Custom wet-forming requires us to have the item the leather will be wet-formed around for up to two weeks; most of the time it should be less.
  • Custom made jackets and most other clothing items will require a pre-fitting to make a pattern and a mock-up fitting before the final item is constructed. This process helps insure a proper fit. Be advised there will be a non-refundable charge to start this process.


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Some items are placed up for sell at the Handmade WV Market in Marlinton, WV. Check them out as you explore the beautiful Greenbrier River Trail

PLEASE NOTE: Freeze dried items and foods may ONLY be purchased locally and will NOT be shipped.

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