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Newspaper Articles by Colonial QueenBee

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Newspaper Articles by Colonial QueenBee

Mountain Creek

"Life is so hectic these days that we sometimes forget to live."

Deer hide Paper

" I went home and anxiously awaited its arrival."

winter cabin

"... concerning the weather in December 1835: “…with a fire in the hearth, ... water will freeze within six feet of it.”"

GH Raised Beds 16

"Here are some tips that might be of help if you are new to the growing process."

Children on the Frontier

"Children learned that work and responsibilities were just a part of life, as were looking out for each other..."

My Greenhouse Experiences pt1

"As we approached finishing the last few panels, my nerves began to tense as I remembered the negative reviews about the kit..."

My Greenhouse Experiences pt2

"As soon as the greenhouse became a secure fortress from the onslaught of flying dive" bombers, ...

My Greenhouse Experiences pt 3 (1)

"While it may be true that a hole in the ground can be dug out and a covering placed over it for less than $100, a well planned out, functional walipini may cost considerably more"

Greenhouse pt4 (1)

" Before starting on any foundation, think about how the greenhouse will be heated, if at all."

Greenhouse part 5 (2)

"The project was hard work but it cost me less than $200, and I loved the result!"

GH Raised Beds 24

"At this time, critters can still dig into my greenhouse since the only area with concrete is under the raised bed."

foxfire fungus

"The oldest recorded documentation of foxfire is from 382 B.C. when Aristotle referred to it as a cold fire; ..."

Colonial Women 2

"Once married, or remarried, their legal identity was erased in a tradition known as femme covert or “covered woman.”"

lye hopper

"A lye hopper was an essential appliance on a frontier homestead."


"Other benefits may include mood improvement, a positive effect on libido, easing symptoms of PMS, and may curb appetite to help promote weight loss."

yarn winder

"You stepped through an old, creaky screen door as the main door was always open during the summer; there was no air conditioning."

A Natural Aquaponic Ecosystem

"The kind of system I like doesn’t contain pipes, wires, containers of water or a complicated tubing and filtration system; it doesn’t even require a power source."


#1 (page 9) A mother's Desperation: "...were the foods I’m feeding my child ... killing him?’ " #2 (page 11) What is Comfrey: "comfrey had a significantly ... faster initial reduction in wound size..."


"...our yard would be filled with the dazzling display of thousands of fireflies."

Hammerhead Worms

"The hammerhead wraps around a victim and secretes a neurotoxin to paralyze it to keep it from getting away"

Storms of Life (2)

"Storms are not an “if,” but a “when.” We all have troubles; we all have trials and hard times."

food prep 2

"I quickly learned, for survival reasons, I needed a better plan of attack concerning our meals..."

Historical Campout

"The air was a crisp 36 degrees and clouds gathered overhead. "

Newspaper Articles by Colonial QueenBee