Repairs Alterations and Sewing Services

Sewing and Upholstery

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Repairs Alterations and Sewing Services

Something Different?

Not a problem! From clothes to stage drapes or truck covers. *** Creating custom pieces and then aging for plays, dramas, and film are also available.

Repairs & Refinishing

Not just clothing!

Custom Garments

A customer handed me a 2 inch square cartoon image. Using the image as a base for color schemes and 1-2 aspects desired, I designed the style and complexities of this costume. I then constructed it and the prop.

Farm Clothes Repairs

Instead of patching those old work jeans, give them a long lasting repair.

Shortening and Hemming

From dresses and pants to jackets, dress shirt sleeves, and more.


Over 20 years of experience in leather from brain tanning deer hides to custom made jackets or wet forming holsters.

Repairs Alterations and Sewing Services

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    covers to redesign

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Specialty Items

  • Prom Dress $45+


  • Prom Dress $25+


  • Wedding Dress $195+


  • Wedding Dress $50+


Dress Shirts

Pants/ Jeans/ Skirts

Repairs Alterations and Sewing Services

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Sewing repairs and alterations in Marlinton, WV and surrounding counties.

Order leather goods online at QueenBee1755 Leather Shop.

Repairs Alterations and Sewing Services