Sewing Videos

Sewing Tools

All about the tools


Detailed look at all the different types of feet which came in the 52 piece presser foot kit

A look at:

  • Roller Foot
  • Adjustable Blind Hem Foot
  • Pintuck Foot
  • Picot or Rolled Hem Foot


A look at:

  • Braiding Foot
  • Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
  • Nail Button Pressing Foot
  • Sewing Beads Foot
  • Round Bead Foot

Invisible Zipper Foot

How to install an invisible zipper

Knit Foot

Tips and tricks for sewing stretch fabrics

Replacing Zipper in Pants

Walk through for replacing a pants zipper

Beads and Rhinestones

Difference ways to accent garments with beads and rhinestones

Sewing sequin

Tips and tricks for sewing several different types of sequin, including stretch 

Jacket Repair

Patching a leather jacket suffering from dry rot means making a repair a little different than normal 

Repairing a Wooden Snake

Just a fun little project with a bit of sewing


Multiple different ways to create buttonholes

Blanket Stitch on serger

Just a quick tip how to adjust a serger to make a mock blanket stitch

How to make cinch sacks

Another fun little sewing project

Removing Ink from Fabric

Not technically sewing, but fabric related