Dealing with acid reflux, GERD, or ulcers

Dealing with Acid Reflux and GERD in a Stubborn Person

Many years ago, my husband suffered greatly from acid reflux. He would be in pain daily. The doctor prescribed medicine, which he began taking liking candy, trying to ease his stomach pain.

After months of this, I knew there had to be a better way. I had already been studying and researching health and nutrition and asked him if he would be willing to try something.

Because I knew that major changes were NOT going to happen (I know my husband), I started off only doing one thing different. Every time his stomach would hurt, I gave him an activated charcoal pill, or more depending on pain level.

Dealing with acid reflux, GERD, or ulcers

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is an absorbent and given to people for poison control in case poison is consumed. Activated charcoal powder may also be added to water and drank.

It may temporarily make your teeth black when drank in water, but I like using it to whiten my teeth. It absorbs not only poisons and toxins, but also the stain causing tannins that stick to your teeth. Applying AC to my teeth, allowing it to sit on my teeth for about two minutes, then gently brushing it off, usually removes about a weeks worth of coffee stains. Activated charcoal is gritty and can act like sandpaper on your teeth so when doing this, brush gently.

Dealing with acid reflux, GERD, or ulcers

A Step Farther

The charcoal pills I gave him were helping with his pain, but I wanted to see about fixing the issue and not just covering it up. In my research I learned that many times when people suffer from acid reflux, it was actually from a LACK of acid, not excess. The body, in an effort to digest the food, was having to work harder than it should. I also learned that ginger and apple cider vinegar (ACV) helps digest food. With this new information, I began giving him ginger capsules and ACV. For the ginger I used just plain ginger powder in a capsule and the ACV I made sure was organic with the mother. I use Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

On days when his stomach was very bad, he took charcoal, and when it was minor, he used the others.

Over the next several months, I noticed he was using more ginger and ACV, and less charcoal, until he no longer needed any charcoal. After a few more months, he was able to stop taking anything for his stomach except for only occasionally.

And Now

Since then, I have learned many more things about digestion, including things like water kefir, fermented foods, and diet.

If buying water kefir grains, I would suggest starting with live kefir grains, not dried. Dry grains are nice for storage and shipping, but may take weeks to stabilize before they are ready for use.

Ginger and ACV are also very nutritious and helps the body do what it needs to do.

Hot teas like turmeric with a pinch of cayenne, plantain herb (not the plantain that looks like a banana), and comfrey may also be helpful. Comfrey and plantain are two of my favorite herbs which I will cover in depth on a different page.


Dealing with acid reflux, GERD, or ulcers

Dealing with acid reflux, GERD, or ulcers


  • Not all acid reflux is caused by the same issues. Everyone’s body, live style, diets, and chemistry is different. When trying to understand why you may be having acid reflux, GERD, or even ulcers, one suggestion I have is to keep a food journal. Record everything you eat, and when, and how you fell physically and mentally throughout the day. If you notice you don’t feel well after eating a certain food, or a meal that has a certain ingredient each time, there is a possibility your body cannot easily digest that food. Gluten, dairy, corn, soy, and nuts can sometimes be hard on the digestive track. Try eliminating those items from your diet for 30 days. Then SLOWLY reintroducing them one at a time.
  • Give your digestive system a break. Once a week, try a juice fast. When fruits and veggies are juiced, they are more easily absorbed by the body. It takes much less work and gives your digestive system a mini vacation. We all need those from time to time to continue to function correctly.
  • Stay away from anything ‘antacid’. They work against your body and may have other negative effects side effects.
  • Try ACV, but only organic with the mother. Start with 1 tsp with a meal. If you can’t take it straight, dilute it with some water and add a little lemon juice and honey. This is also good for the kidneys.
  • Pay attention to your body. What is it telling you when you eat or do certain things. Is it foods, activities, stress, etc.? Some people may be born with difficulties others don’t have. It doesn’t mean things are hopeless either. Keep pushing, reading, researching, and learning.


Although I cannot support, confirm, agree with or back everything listed in these outside links, I am providing them as a help to get you started in your own research.

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